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Metal Longspan Warehouse Shelving

Long span tyre shelving is an economical type of solution for shops and garages. This racking is ideal for use in the industrial. Made from steel frames and beams. Increased storage density. Solid, stable design for both rimmed and standalone tyres.Advantage of long span shelving.

1. Rugged, versatile and economical shelf system, the most widely used to store various items.

2. A variety of shelf heights, depths, lengths and loading capacity can be provided according to customers' storage requirements.

3. You can adjustable shelf height by 73MM/unit.

4. Very easy to install and disassemble.


Advantage Of Metal Longspan Warehouse Shelving

Advantage Of Metal Longspan Warehouse Shelving

1. We preserve the original workmanship and pursue the advanced methods to upgrade our products.

2. Different colors, handles and styles available;

3. We have purchasing, sales, documentary, logistic departments to promise well proceeding of your order.

4. Any problem about products after sales, our after sales department and sales person will assist you and give out some proper measures.

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