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Multi Level Shelving Unit

Medium duty shelf is an ideal choice for small size and light weight commodities, widely used in electrical, light industry, supermarket, culture and education industries.

Steel vertical upright

Composite materials are usually cut with steel plates

Simple and quick assembly and disassembly

The height of each layer can be adjusted freely 55mm pitch

Manual loading and unloading

Carrying capacity from 100 to 500kg per level

Longspan shelf is a shelf sysem that is easy to install, suitable for storing small parts and bulky items. With a shelf capacity of up to 500kg per layer, it can be configured to suit many applications! Whether you want to build a brand new warehouse, load a shipping container or just look for a high-quality storage system for your workshop, we would love to suit your exact requirements.


Customer Cases

Customer Cases

The wide variety of products and limited ground storage space have been plagued by warehousing and order picking. Therefore, for all medium sized warehouse applications, the long span shelf rack design aims to optimize storage options in the smallest space.

The long span shelf system is a storage system that manually picks products personaly. It is designed for warehouses where goods are stored and manually removed from shelves. The system can also make optimal use of the height of the warehouse, as higher heights can be accessed mechanically through equipment that lifts the operator to the required height, they are adjustable.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with medium duty storage rack, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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