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Pallet Racking Warehouse Storage Solution

Compared with some other systems, the warehouse utilization rate is low, while the storage area of some other systems is 40%, and the operation and access area is 60%.

There are many other benefits of selective pallet racking, because it is one of the most versatile options. The forklift operator can pick up and place any pallet at any time without moving inventory or adjusting configuration. This is very useful for situations where you may only hold the pallet. It can store several pallets in each bay or each set.

Our racks have many options to help storage and handling, the most common bay size for selective racks is 2400 or 2700mm wide x 1000mm deep. However, every case is unique, because of different size of warehouse height and pallet size, they need to accommodate products of various shapes and sizes. Offer you the best solution with cost effective and high quality racks is our strength.


FAQ Of Pallet Racking Warehouse Storage Solution

How much weight can my Pallet Racking take?

There are a wide variety of pallet racks to choose from, with different weights. Specially designed steel structure shelves can be manufactured to store extremely heavy products. However, the designer will need to consider the floor in the warehouse to understand the weight it can bear. Our experts can evaluate your storage area and discuss your needs with you to provide the shelf that best suits your requirements.

How high can Pallet Racking go?

The pallet rack can be constructed at almost any height according to the load on the warehouse floor. The key point to consider is how you will access the top position. Sometimes you also need to consider the load capacity of the floor. Floor also one of the important factor to heavy duty storage rack. Generally, the higher the storage in a warehouse, the higher the cost of accessing it. The installation cost of pallet racking is not expensive. The benefit of higher storage space is that you can use all the space purchased or leased in the warehouse.

Characteristic Of Pallet Racking Warehouse Storage Solution

Characteristic Of Pallet Racking Warehouse Storage Solution
  • LIFO (last in, first out) or FIFO (first in, first out) load methods.

  • Deep lane storage reduces space usage, cuts costs and holds more loads.

  • Multiple access aisles eliminated.

  • Extra control over inputs and outputs.

  • More storage density instead of the direct access of Pallet Racks.

  • Specifically designed for your pallets and forklifts.

As a warehouse racking supplier for single selective racking, Maobang has committed to the development of warehousing and logistics for more than 25 years.

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