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Selective Racking System Pallet Rack

Warehouse Selective pallet Racking system

MAOBANG can offer you Selective pallet rack either bolted frames. Customized size and load capacity are available. 

Their patented beam to frame connection creates the most sturdy, dependable structure available. Can store most heavy duty goods.

Our Selective Pallet Racking is configurable with a range of frame according to your warehouse. And beam sizes which are fully adjustable by every 75 mm. 

It is the most popular and widely used type of pallet storage system. because it can provide high capacity in terms of weight and volume.


Specifications Of Selective Racking System Pallet Rack

Product NamePallet rack
Immediate Accessibility50%
Handling EquipmentDual pantograph or sliding fork attachments.
Average Locations Used88%
Stock RotationAverage
Of Floor Space Covered By Storage51%

We Are Willing To Offer You The Best Service

Galvanised Pallet Racking

Base on your warehouse drawing, we will design a professional CAD drawing for your confirmation.

Pallet Racking Cross Beams

Meet your special requirements and need.

Pallet Racking Feet

Professional engineers help you to build your storage racks.

Pallet Racking Frames

We provide knowledge on safe operations, how to use and how to take care of your racks.

Advantages Of Selective Racking System Pallet Rackv

12 Foot Pallet Racking

 Pallets can be located, accessed and moved by fork lift individually.

24 Deep Pallet Racking

You can handle almost all types of goods on the pallet.

24 Pallet Racking

Fully utilize vertical space and store more goods.

Adjustable Pallet Racking

The load capacity per level of selective pallet rack may reach 5000kg. They are strong and powerful.

Galvanised Pallet Racking

Bottom plate can be fix on the ground to make the racks more stronger.

Pallet Racking Cross Beams

We use durable powder coated finish, clean appearance, fire proof and Anti-rust.

Choose Maobang rack selective, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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