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Storage Shelving Pallet Racking Solution

This is the most common pallet racking system. It is called selectivity because it provides the highest selectivity among all shelf systems. Because each pallet or SKU in the system can be pick up or loaded as you need, it can always be accessed directly. 

When selective pallet racks near to the wall, we will provide single deep pallet storage with only one row. If they are not near to the wall, then it can be configured as a single row or back to back row.

The warehouse must to choose a system designed for high density loads (which can support more inventory but restrict entry and exit), but also choose a racking system meet your remand and requirements. 

Do you operate a high inventory turnover rate, and do you need to collect inventory more frequently? Are you waiting for an item with a release date? 

We would love to help you consider the floor plan of the warehouse and how your space will accommodate larger pallet racking systems (related to how they are used). It is better now than after installation.


Specifications Of Storage Shelving Pallet Racking Solution

Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)
TypeSelective Pallet Racking
MaterialCold Rolled Steel Q235
CertificationCE, ISO9001
Weight Capacity500kg to 3000kg/layer
Thickness0.8mm to 2.5mm, customized
Supply Ability6000 Set/Sets per Month
MOQNo MOQ Limitation
Guarantee3 years warranty

Characteristic Of Storage Shelving Pallet Racking Solution

Pallet Rack Supplier

Ability to store lots of references.

Racking System Supplier

Direct and selective access to all loading units.

Pallet Storage Rack Manufacturers

Easy control of stocks.

Pallet Rack Manufacturers

Easy combination with picking systems.

Warehouse Pallet Storage Rack

Simple system.

We supply rack selective on-site measurement, program design, on-site installation guidance, rack inspection and maintenance. RFQ!

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