types of pallet racking systems
types of racks in warehouse
types of racking system
types of racking system in warehouse

Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking System

Product Feature and Specification

The most common kind of pallet rack is like the video as below. Its advantages are convenient access and high picking efficiency. According to the width of the access channel, it can be divided into traditional channel, narrow channel and ultra narrow channel. This type of shelf is suitable for the storage of medium volume and general volume goods. Usually it is less than 6m, and the number of layers is preferably 3 to 7 layers. In addition, it can be adjusted and combined arbitrarily, construction is simple, economical, and the order of entry and exit is not affected by the sequence, and ordinary forklifts can be used. When selecting pallet racks, the size, quality and number of layers of storage units should be considered in order to determine the size of pillars and beams. As shown in the figure above, the pallet rack is a general pallet stacking method, and two pallets are stored in one beam opening.


Applications Of Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking System

Applications Of Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking System

Loading goods with pallets, such as stacking pallets directly, it will come with the following problems

1. Use pallets for direct stacking, the goods between the two pallets and the lowest layer will be squeezed, and even cause damage to the goods. 

2. When each pallet is loaded with different goods, it can only be pendulum and cannot be stacked, resulting in a decrease in storage capacity.

3. When using column type pallets or frame type pallets, although they can be stacked to prevent the goods from being squeezed, the stacking cannot be too high, too high and too thick, and poor stability and unsafe.

Therefore, using pallet racks, each pallet occupies a cargo space, which can overcome the above mentioned problems. Higher pallet racks use stacking cranes to store and store goods, and lower pallet racks can use forklifts to store and store goods.

Pallet racks can realize mechanized loading and unloading operations, facilitate unitized access, and have high storage capacity utilization rate, which can improve labor productivity, realize efficient access operations, and facilitate computer management and control.

Characteristic Of Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking System

  • Ability to store lots of references.

  • Direct and selective access to all loading units.

  • Easy control of stocks.

  • Easy combination with picking systems.

  • Simple system.

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