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Warehouse Storage Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

The selective pallet racking system can quickly and easily access the location of each product. It is the perfect choice for industries where inventory consumption is rapid and needs to be restocked in time. The spallet racking storage rack system is generally suitable for large warehouses, such as supermarkets, retail stores, logistics, cold, wholesale malls, etc.

Industrial racking racks are also a general term for a type of storage racks with strong carrying capacity. They are low-cost, safe and reliable, simple and convenient to assemble and disassemble. 

They are a type of racking commonly used in large, medium and small warehouses. They are used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and It is most widely used in areas such as distribution centers.


Structure Of Warehouse Storage Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Structure Of Warehouse Storage Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

The heavy duty pallet shelving is assembled by columns, beams, cross braces, diagonal braces and self-locking bolts. The structure is simple and stable.

The safety pins at the connection of the column card and the column can also ensure that the beam does not fall off under external impact. The preferred material for the beam is high-quality square steel, with a special cold-rolled P-shaped closed beam, and the design of the column determines the randomness and flexibility of the inventory.

Parts Of Pallet Racks For Warehouse

1. Beam

2. Column

3. Bracing

4. Support bar( For supporting the pallet)

5. Wire mesh

6. Row spacers

7. frame protectors

8. Crash barrier

Types of pallet racking and shelving:

Selective racking

Drive in and drive through racking

Gravity flow racking

Single deep racking

Double deep racking

Wide aisle racking

Very Narrow aisle racking(VNA racks)

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with rack selective, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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