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Supply Chain Warehouse Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

How to choose warehouse shelves

Warehouse racking plays an very important role in every single one of factory, so choosing a suitable racking system that enlarge the space utilization, enhance the efficiency and save labor and time should be take into consideration. The following is a comparison of the types of warehouse shelves applicable to two major industries


Chemical Industry OF Supply Chain Warehouse Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

The storage of goods in the chemical industry is mainly in bags and barrels.

For the chemical industry, it is recommended that heavy duty shelving used with pallets to allow chemical products to be placed on the layer. In addition, high density storage shelves such as drive in pallet shelving and very narrow racking are recommended.

However, some chemical products need to be placed in a low temperature environment. For this situation, cold storage pallet shelving can be used. The materials used for this kind of shelves can resist low temperatures.

Manufacturing Industry Of Supply Chain Warehouse Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

Manufacturing Industry Of Supply Chain Warehouse Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

The overall manufacturing industry attaches great importance to storage equipment, which is completely inseparable from warehouse shelving. However, there are many types of manufacturing industries, including consumer goods and industrial products. Different manufacturing industries are applicable to different shelves.

If it is a company that produces food and beverages with a large one time output and a fast turnover frequency, you can choose heavy duty pallet racking.

If it is an industrial enterprise, equipment raw materials, etc., the weight and volume of the stored goods will be relatively large, and the turnover frequency will not be very fast. These companies also recommend heavy duty racking, which need to be designed according to the specific conditions of the warehouse and other factors.

Also for relatively large manufacturing companies, the option of automated three dimensional warehouses can be considered. Many companies are also keen on this, but they have relatively high requirements for funds and warehouse conditions.

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