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Wide Span Picking Shelving System

Light and medium load racking systems are the ideal storage solution, especially for medium to small sized items.

1. It allows installation with other storage systems.

2. Ideal for storing archive boxes and spare parts.

3. It facilitates the storage of low volume products. The racks have strong and rigid structure.

Picking shelving system consists of vertical elements or frames perforated along their height that allows the placement of loading levels at the desired or requested height. These frames formed by two uprights and bracing joining them, are responsible for transmitting loads to the warehouse floor.

Horizontally, load levels are made up of two beams, one front and one rear, on which you can have a wooden floor (chipboard) or metal through panels. It is on these shelves on which the goods rest deposited and stored.

We are one of the professional factories in china that are good at the planning, design, manufacture and installation of pallet racking. If you have any inquiry of heavy duty pallet racking system, welcome to contact us. And the customized orders are also welcome.


Our Service Of Wide Span Picking Shelving System

Our Service Of Wide Span Picking Shelving System

1. A Professional CAD Drawing would be designed for you according to your warehouse.

2. Make a customized design as your requirement.

3. Professional engineers help you to build your storage racks system.

4. According to the size of your forklift,we design the suitable path for you.

We supply medium duty rack on-site measurement, program design, on-site installation guidance, rack inspection and maintenance. RFQ!

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