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Widespan 5 Tier Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Storage Unit

Warehouse racking system mainly includes pallet racking, selective racking system, cantilever racks, mezzanine racks.


Specifications Of Widespan 5 Tier Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Storage Unit

Product NameWarehouse System Shelves(Wide span type)
FeaturesMaterial:  Cold rolled Steel

Surface treatment: powder coating

Size: Optional and Customized

Length: 1070/1500/2000MM

Width: 400/500/600MM

Height: 2000MM

Load capacity:Optional and Customized

100 to 500 or bigger

Color: Blue, Grey, Black, Blue and orange Optional

OEM/ ODM: Accepted

Feature:  Corrosion Protection
SpecificationThis rack can be safe to keep goods.

The space and load capacity for each tier are more large than common commercial shelves.

Different thickness,size,layers,and colors are available for you to choose.

FAQ Of Widespan 5 Tier Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Storage Unit

What are the differences between them?

Classification by structure

There are Selective racking, called beam shelf also; Drive in and thru racks; Gravity shelves and Mezzanine and work platform, called steel platform too.

Classification by load capacity

There are Light duty rack, also can be called widespan rack or long span rack; medium sized shelves and Heavy duty shelves.

What are the differences between them?

Selective (pallet racking) racking: Fast and convenient access, ensure all items are first in, first out, no forklift type restrictions, faster delivery speed, space utilization rate of 30% to 50%.

Drive in and thru racks: High density storage, advanced output, partial pick up, 20% to 30% optional, the storage clearance can reach 60% of the entire warehouse. The channel is the pallet position.

Mezzanine and work platform: Supported by shelf as the floor, which can be designed into multiple floors (usually 2 to 3 floors), and equipped with stairs and goods elevator.And simple attic type shelf, it is with double hold pillar to serve as support. You can understand it to be a steel office and warehouse.

Light duty racking: Plug in combined structure, standard group of plug ins, without a connection bolt, easy to disassemble and assemble, super closed steel layer structure, adjustable height per 50mm, maximum load per layer 100 to 300kg. 

Medium sized shelves: The shelf adopts the structural form of crossbeam and laminate, which can bear 300 to 500kg. The crossbeam has sections of various specifications. The structural parts can be assembled and disassembled freely.

Heavy duty shelves: It can be selective pallet rack, drive in rack, widespan rack. The load capacity is bigger than other kinds of racking. 

Our Services Of Widespan 5 Tier Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Storage Unit

Our Services Of Widespan 5 Tier Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Storage Unit

1. Made to order solution design.

2. Professional CAD drawing confirmation.

3. Factory direct selling price for winning more clients.

4. Pre sales site measurement and survey.

5. Site installation guide.

6. 24 hours timely after-sales service.

7. Long warranty period.

8. Quick shipment.

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