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Widespan Industrial Storage Racks

Solve the problem of your small warehouse capacity with our widespan industrial storage racks. Those racks can be use for any workshop, factory, warehouse and all kinds of industrial applications.

100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg per shelf

Powder coated surface treatment for anti-corrosion

2 sided access, no extra support beam or bracing required

The height can be extended to be 3000mm

Manually move the goods

Bolted structure for easy installation and disassembly


FAQ Of Widespan Industrial Storage Racks

What products can you provide?

1.Warehouse rack

2.Warehouse storage equipment

3.Warehouse Steel Structure

It Combines Four Basic Components

It Combines Four Basic Components

Upright frames: wide span rack upright frames have Cold Rolled Steel construction with the hold looks like butterfly;

Stringers: wide span rack stringers are used for fixing Upright frames;

Plain metal plate;

Built in beam: Used to fix the Plain metal plate so that it does not collapse. 

We are one of the professional factories in china that are good at the planning, design, manufacture and installation of pallet racking. If you have any inquiry of heavy duty pallet racking system, welcome to contact us. And the customized orders are also welcome.

Characteristic Of Widespan Industrial Storage Racks

  • The number of layers and the width of each layer can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

  • Ideal choice for different types of goods.

  • All steel construction for strength and rigidity.

  • Suitable for storing large or heavy items.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Cost effective.

  • Space saved.

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