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Long Span Storage Racking

If you need a simple storage solution for manual picking products, long span shelves are ideal choice. This type of shelf is suitable for a single light products for easy loading and picking. If you need a different storage height or width, it is very easy to adjust and customize.

It is our great honor to introduce our warehouse racking system to you. This type of storage racks is ideal for medium duty products and the load capacity of each level can up to 500kg. If your business does not have the floor capacity or if you only want manual picking, the ideal solution is to install our standard long span warehouse shelving units.

We are a manufacturer with our own factories. Our long span racking material are anti rust steel, they are strong and durable. No matter what your requirements are for a wide range of racking systems or just small quantity for trial, we always offer our best services to you, for we can build long business relationship.


Advantages Of Long Span Storage Racking

Advantages Of Long Span Storage Racking

1. Ideal choice for different commodity types and turnover splits.

2. Modular design, easy for future expansion.

3. All steel structure to ensure strength and rigidity.

4. Suitable for storing large or heavy items.

5. The load level is adjustable, and the shelf can be adjusted vertically in each 55 mm.

6. Easy to assemble, no bolt connection, please kindly check the following video.

7. Big quantity of raw material in stock, which make fast delivery time.

8. Suitable for most of industries, load capacity can up to 3000kg.

9. Size could be customized, racking system are depended on what you need.

10. Recommended for storing big and large goods, manual loaded.

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