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Pallet Racking And Storage Solutions

Maobang Storage Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers for Wide Span Rack, Pallet Racking System, Cantilever racking, Mezzanine floor racking and other warehouse equipments products in China. 

From the Light Duty Long Span Shelving System for Residential Users, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Storage Racking System for Commercial and Industrial Users, to make sure what we produce are the best quality and safety, every of its component is designed with extreme detail and manufactured under strict quality control. 


Customer Cases

Customer Cases

The selective pallet rack for all storage systems is the most commonly used of all pallet rack solutions. Some of its advantages include the ability to quickly assemble by placing each beam in the hole without using much hardware at all.

 Usually, these holes are placed in vertical increments every 75mm along the column, so that the beam can be adjusted horizontally to the desired height. Some of the advantages of this warehouse racking system include the ability to use a monitor to reach a vertical height 12 meters. Its applications are most commonly found in environments including distribution centers, retail stores or factory storage rooms.

Choose from a variety of warehouse racking options available for your pallet racking system. If you are not sure, our experts will help you to help you choose a design that meets your needs. Our passion is to help you find an industrial rack system that can increase efficiency and flexibility to meet your business needs. We offer many fashionable products to match your existing pallet rack system or stay at the forefront in the next few years.

A few main product range of Maobang includes

  • Selective Pallet Racking System.

  • Double Deep Racking System.

  • Structural Steel Racking System.

  • Drive In Racking System.

  • Cantilever Racking System.

  • Longspan Racking System.

  • Racking System Accessories.

  • Steel Pallet.

Still not find the solutions for your warehouse racking system, Contact Maobang for custom rack selective

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