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Wide Span Storage Racks

Wide span storage racks, people also call them as medium duty racking, long span racking system, longspan warehouse shelving.

For many companies and industries, wide span storage racks are a good choice. The system is versatile and durable, helping to improve safety, efficiency and organization. Bulk materials are not easy to store, but the wide range of shelves makes it easy to use and affordable. These systems are durable and will change your space!

Wide span storage racks are a cost effective way of warehouse storage. Goods loaded on the racks are hand loaded, which means do not need to use forklft. The hybrid storage system is designed for manual storage of products (not pallets), combining the advantages of pallet racks and industrial shelves. Wide span shelves are an efficient and economical way to store bulk materials.

Longspan can also be used as part of a multi layer structure, so that this type of shelf can be increased in height without affecting performance, and can be easily grasped without the aid of steps or moving platforms.

The heavy duty long span shelf rack is very suitable for all kinds of very light or medium items, and the volume is large. These are useful in various industries such as auto parts, clothing, toys, and construction accessories. The size varies according to customer requirements. The upright have many holes, and every hole distance is 55 mm vertically, which is flexible to change the height of the level according to the requirements. The unique design of the rack tends to allow the deck level to be granted along with the steel deck or the mesh deck. In addition, the loading level can be further divided into multiple compartments according to customer needs.


FAQ Of Wide Span Storage Racks

Do all racks produced by your company?

Yes, we're a DIRECT MANUFACTURE with over 20 years experience, main products of us include Pallet Racking, wide span racking, Cantilever, Mezzanine, etc. All products are 100% produced by ourselves. 

What certificate do you offer?

ISO9001, CE Certificate and SGS.

What is the raw material of your products?

The raw material of steel code is high quality cold rolled Q235. Other kinds of steel is also available to your requirements.

How about the quality guarantee period?

It is 5 years!

Advantages Of Wide Span Storage Racks

Advantages Of Wide Span Storage Racks
  • Ideal option for different article types and split turnover.

  • Modular design for future expansion.

  • All-steel construction for strength and rigidity.

  • Suitable for storing large or heavy items.

  • Easy to assemble, with boltless connections.

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